Den Tokyo is a performing arts company sharing the wonder and beauty of traditional Japanese arts and culture with the world.

Traditional Japanese arts like Japanese dance, tea ceremony, and koto music have been passed down through generations for hundreds of years. They are imbued with history, stories, and cultural heritage, so are important cultural assets. If lost, it is difficult to regenerate such artforms—in particular, performance art, which is expressed through movement of the human body and takes place in a temporary moment. It is our mission to both pass on these Japanese cultural legacies to the next generation, and to connect them with local and global audiences.

Worldwide performances

Den Tokyo is available for performances all over the world. We have a team of talented, experienced artists who work across many different artistic genres. Beyond performances, we are also available for other activities and workshops, and able to deliver this in a wide range of spaces, such as gymnasiums, theatres, schools and outdoor venues.
Performance options
Our performance specialities span a wide range of Japanese traditional arts, so the list below is just a sample. We’re happy to develop an offering to suit you, and are open for collaboration.
  • Kabuki dance performance
  • Dances for celebrations & festivals
  • Modern music performances (J-POP, classical music, modern Japanese music, pop music, traditional folk songs, Western music etc.)
  • Formal, casual & standing tea-ceremony
  • Classical & modern koto* Music (*koto = a long Japanese zither with thirteen strings)
  • Location examples
    Our performances can be tailored to suit your needs and location, for example:
  • Hotels (lobbies, banquet rooms)
  • Theaters
  • Outdoor stages
  • Event halls
  • Schools
  • Shopping malls
  • Gymnasiums